Defaced, A.N.S.
A.N.S., Defaced
Orgin Denton
Genres Thrashcore/Skate Punk
Years Active 1999-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Banal Existence, Cowabunga Records, TXOS Records, 16-oh Records, Give Praise, To Live A Lie Records, Solidaridad DIY, Fat Ricardo Recordz, Headcount, Brain Drain Recordz, Tankcrimes
Associated Acts OVVL, Deadpoint, My Revenge, Badeatinghabits, No Comply, Ratbyte, Carpenter Ant, Seasick, Reproach, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Ramming Speed
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A.N.S. is a skate-punk band from Denton, Texas. These dudes play thrash drenched punk. Aggressive vocals orchestrate a fury of thrashy and driving riffs with tasty, twanging solo's and energetic bass and drums that are fast-as-hell and unstoppable. These guys have been playing together since the early 2000's under the name Defaced, and eventually changed it to A.N.S.


Chris Wall - Vocals
Andrew Messer - Bass
Mark Bronzino - Guitar
Clint Bachle - Drums


Success At Last (2003)
Romancing the Phone (Banal Existence 2005)
The Pool (Cowabunga Records 2006)
A.N.S. VS Deadpoint split (TXOS Records / 16-oh Records 2006)
A.N.S. VS My Revenge (2006)
Four Bands to Drain Your Pool Badeatinghabits VS No Comply VS Ratbyte VS A.N.S. 4-Way Split (Give Praise / To Live A Lie Records 2006)
Heinous (2006)
The Process of Stoking Out (Solidaridad DIY 2007)
A.N.S. VS Carpenter Ant split (Fat Ricardo Recordz 2007)
Billy In A Bearsuit A.N.S. VS Seasick split (Headcount/BrainDrain Records 2007)
A.N.S. VS Reproach split (2008)
Pressure Cracks (Tankcrimes 2009)
A.N.S. VS Agoraphobic Nosebleed split (2010)
A.N.S. VS Ramming Speed split (Tankcrimes 2011)

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