Orgin Mol, Fiandres, Belgium
Genres Mincecore, Grindcore
Years Active 1985 - Present
Country of origin Belgium
Labels Cyber Music, Morbid Records, Vacation House, Uxicon Records, Displeased Records, State-Fucker Records, Criptas Records, Riotous Assembly, Half-Life Records, Crimes Against Humanity Records, Coyote Records, Goatgrind Records, You're Not Normal Records, SOA Records, Boundless Records, MN Productions, Independent, Obliteration Records, R.I.P. Productions, Self Made God Records, MCN, Quirofano Productions, No Fashion HC Records, Bringer of Gore
Associated Acts Occult, Permanent Death, Riek Boois, Disgorge, Violent Noise Attack, Blood, Smegma, Putrid Offal, Morbid Organs Mutilation, Violent Headache, Psycho, Kompost, Nyctophobic, Punisher, Nasum, Man is the Bastard, Patareni, Audiorrea, Social Genocide, Carcass Grinder, Plastic Grave, Rot, Unholy Grave, Autoritar, Praparation H, Krush, Excruciating Terror, Shikabane, Bad Acid Trip, BWF, Smash the Brain, Abstain, D.I.E., Bloodsuckers, PP7 Gaftzeb, LSD Mossel, Mixomatosis, Turronizer, Black Army Jacjet, Grind Buto, Abortion, Monolith, Looking for an Answer, Embalming Theatre, Disreanti, Kontatto, Worship, Mitten Spider, Sterbehilfe, Malignant Tumor, Depressor, Din Addict, Urban Struggle, Jan AG, Godstomper, Siviil Imurha, Les Baudoins Morts, The Mad Thrashers, Front Beast, Rot in Pieces, Fat Ass Fuckers, The Usual Suspects, Kuolema, The Gajna, Kadaverficker, Bloodred Bacteria, Mucus, Permanent Death, Fahrenheit AGx, Sposa in Alto Mare, Archagathus, Sakatat, Bestial Vomit, Gorgonized Dorks, Desecrator, Avulsion, Haemophagus, Repulsione, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Fucked by the State, Pos, The Lettuce Vultures, Disleksick, VRV, Tinner, Tsubo, Insomnia Isterica, Sissy Spacek, Black September, Painful Defloration
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1985: After being active in the undergroundscene since 1981 by doing zines, releasing compilationtapes, helping to organize concerts, some friends, all coming from the Belgian city MOL, started jamming together, making huge noises in the vein of bands such as NEOS, ACCURSED BLUDGEON, LARM, HELLHAMMER,…(well, we tried to, hahaha). They recorded some rehearsaltapes in their several rehearsalrooms where they got kicked out eachtime because of the noise. Only some rehearsalrecordings are left from that period. Some of these recordings were used for some compilationtapes from that time. The line-up was: JAN-GUITAR AND VOCALS and ERWIN-DRUMS AND VOCALS.

1986: Some more recordings in their rehearsalroom in MOL were done, even a few gigs for very few people into extreme noise. The band was still looking for a steady line-up and a rehearsalplace where they would not be chased away by the neighbours and police. From this period, only some rehearsalrecordings are left. Some of these songs were used for some compilationtapes. The band also made it on a localradiostation for an interview. People couldn’t understand such noise being played at that radiostation, which ofcourse was a big compliment for the band.

1987: AG found a steady rehearsalplace in the youthclub “JAM” in MOL. In this youthcentre, they recorded several tracks for compilationtapes and they started to organize their own gigs in this place. Other gigs were done in other places as well, playing with bands such as VIOLENT MOSQUITOS, NAPALM DEATH, PESTILENCE, EXTREEM, DISTRESS, TOTAL MOSH PROJECT,…The line-up of AG in this year was: JAN-GUITAR AND VOCALS, RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS AND VOCALS. In december 1987, JAKKE joined the band on guitar and JAN could concentrate on the VOCALS.

1988: AG did recordings for some EP’s, like the AG/RIEK BOOIS split 7”EP and AG “Cabbalic Gnosticism” split 7”EP. Both these recordings were originally released on tape. In May 1988, AG did a lost and later found studiosession which was released 14 years later on the AG “Keep mincing” CD/double 7”EP. Their gigs in Belgium continued and they prepared for their first LP. Some more gigs were done with bands such as EXTREME NOISE TERROR, BELGIAN ASSOCIALITY, ……The line-up was: JAN-VOCALS, JAKKE-GUITAR, RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS.

1989: The AG/DRUDGE LP was recorded for the English label DEAF RECORDS. The line-up of the band consisted still of all members coming from MOL, but a second guitarplayer joined the band around March 1989. The line-up was: JAN-VOCALS, JAKKE-GUITAR, GUY-GUITAR, RONNY-BASS and ERWIN-DRUMS. The band was a five piece at this time. New recordings were done for example for the AG/DISGORGE split 7”EP, AG “Fascination of mutilation” flexi 7”EP, AG “If this is cruel, what is vivisection then?” 7”EP. Other gigs were done with bands like DEATHCORE, …… At the end of 1989, RONNY left the band and JAKKE took over the bassguitar.

1990: In the beginning of 1990, AG recorded the AG/VNA split 7”EP with the line-up: JAN-VOCALS, GUY-GUITAR, ERWIN-DRUMS and JAKKE-BASS. A few months later, around May 1990, there was a major line-up change. Jan only stayed in the band and found two other members for AG. The line-up was: JAN-BASS AND VOCALS, DOMINGO-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS. The two new members were playing in the Belgian grindcoreband NECROSIS who only have released one demo in 1990. With the coming of these two new members, AG started to rehearse in a Belgian city called ZICHEM, where the drummer came from. Before that, AG rehearsed in MOL. With this line-up and in 1990, AG recorded the AG/BLOOD split 7”EP, AG/SMEGMA split 7”EP, AG/NASUM split 7”EP, AG/PUTRID OFFAL split 7”EP and tons more. AG also went to Denmark for gigs with Danish grindcore band SARDONIC DEATH and played a mini-tour with Japanese cultband SOB in Belgium and Holland.

1991: The old drummer ERWIN rejoined the band on bass-guitar. For a short time, the line-up was: JAN-VOCALS, ERWIN-BASS, BURT-DRUMS and DOMINGO-GUITAR. But around April 1991, DOMINGO left the band and JAN took over the guitar besides doing the vocals. With this 3-piece line-up, AG recorded the “Agarchy” 7”EP in July 1991. At the same time, CHRIS joined the band on guitar and the line-up changed again: JAN-VOCALS, CHRIS-GUITAR, ERWIN-BASS and BURT-DRUMS. With this line-up, the “Theatric symbolisation of life” CD/DOUBLE LP was recorded. A tour in East-Germany with session vocalist TUUR (who died in 1996) from the Belgian mincecore band REIGN OF TERROR also happened in the summer of this year (because CHRIS could not go on tour so JAN had to play guitar). At the end of 1991, ERWIN left the band again and DIRK came in the band to play bass.

1992: During the first months of 1992, the line-up was: JAN-VOCALS, DIRK-BASS, CHRIS-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS. But in May 1992, CHRIS and DIRK left AG to start another band. AG found a new guitarplayer called STEVE, who was the founder and guitarplayer of famous Belgian mince/grind band INTESTINAL DISEASE and the line-up was: JAN-BASS AND VOCALS, STEVE-GUITAR AND VOCALS and BURT-DRUMS. AG continues their recordings and gigging and went to Sardinia, Italy, for gigs. This year, AG recorded stuff like “Cliché?” LP and “Use your anger” LP.

1993: This year, the line-up stayed the same. With the line-up of three members (Jan, Burt and Steve), AG went on tour in countries such as Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Holland,….together with the East-German speedcore thrash band FH 72, who have split up now. This year, AG recorded stuff such as “Distrust and abuse” 7”EP, AG/SOCIAL GENOCIDE split 7”EP, AG./MAN IS THE BASTARD split 7”EP, AG/PATARENI split 7”EP and a lot more.

1994: Also this year, there are no line-up changes and the line-up stays the same (Jan, Burt and Steve). AG does a big tour in Spain in July 1994 once again with East-German speedcore heroes FH 72, where they also recorded their notoriously raw “MINCE MONGERS IN BARNA” 7”EP, which was recorded in the rehearsalroom of the Spanish mincecore band VIOLENT HEADACHE. Studiosessions continued and resulted in records such as AG ”Black clouds determinate” CD/DOUBLE LP, AG/ROT split 7”EP, AG “Back to 1987” 7”EP, AG/PLASTIC GRAVE split 7”EP and a lot more.

1995: AG recorded their AG “Razor sharp daggers” CD with the line-up of Jan, Burt and Steve, containing 25 brand new songs. AG also got included on the METALOPOLIS compilation CD from the Belgian national radiostation. In summer 1995, STEVE left the band and MATTY joined AG on guitar. So the line-up was: JAN-BASS AND VOCALS, BURT-DRUMS and MATTY-GUITAR AND VOCALS.

1996: The line-up (Jan, Burt and Matty) stays the same during 1996. Beginning of this year, AG goes to Istanbul, Turkey for gigs. There, they play with the Turkish band RADICAL NOISE. Later that year, AG goes on tour in Czech Republic with their Czech mince-brothers MALIGNANT TUMOUR. On this tour, they made a video and a doubletape, as a benefit for a Czech animal rightsmovement. The same year, AG goes to record a studiosession at the Belgian national radiostation. This year, the AG/UNHOLY GRAVE split 7”EP, AG/PRAPARATION H split 7”EP, AG/VOMIT FALL split 10”LP, AG/AUTORITAR split 7”EP, “Thanks for your hostility” CD/LP and a lot more was recorded.

1997: Most of 1997, the line-up with Jan, Burt and Matty stays the same. AG records their “Humarrogance” CD/LP and did a Peelsession, a studiosession at the BBC-radiostudios in London, England. Other recordings that were done in this year are: AG/DEPRESSION split CD, AG/EXCRUCIATING TERROR split 7”EP,…. AG also does a mini-tour in Germany with DRILLER KILLER from Sweden. At the end of November 1997, VINCE joins AG on bassguitar. The line-up becomes: JAN-VOCALS, VINCE-BASS, MATTY-GUITAR and BURT-DRUMS. With this line-up, AG records at the end of 1997 the AG/BWF split 7”EP and AG/DIE split 7”EP.

1998: With the line-up of Jan, Matty, Vince and Burt, AG does another mini-tour in Germany with famous Swedish band DRILLER KILLER. But in June 1998 AG changes line-up again. MATTY and VINCE leave the band and new guitarplayer DIRK gets involved in AG. From June 1998, AG is: JAN-BASS AND VOICE, BURT-DRUMS and DIRK-GUITAR AND VOCALS. In this year, AG records a lot of new stuff such as AG/DEADMOCRACY split LP, AG/SUPPOSITORY split CD, AG/COMRADES split CD, AG/BLOODSUCKERS split 7”EP,…..

1999: With the line-up of Jan, Burt and Dirk, AG goes on tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia and recorded new stuff such as AG/GRIND BUTO split 7”EP, AG/DISCULPA split LP, AG/UNHOLY GRAVE split LP, AG/DISREANTI…split 7”EP,….. During this year, AG does a minitour with Japanese heroes UNHOLY GRAVE in France, Belgium and Holland and does gigs with MY MINDS MINE, MALIGANT TUMOUR,……

2000: This year, the AG “To serve…To protect” CD was released on the Italian label VACATION HOUSE RECORDS (later re-released with bonus songs by the Brazilian labels NO FASHION HC RECORDS and HEAVY METAL ROCK RECORDS). Other stuff that was released this year are AG/EMBALMING THEATRE split 7”EP, AG/LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER split 7”EP, AG/MONOLTH split 7”EP, AG/ABORTION split 7”EP, …… In April 2000, AG records 3 new studiosongs for the AG/KONTATTO split 7”EP which was released by the people of KONTATTO in Italy. Also this year, AG did some gigs with bands such as ANGRY MINDED, ABSTAIN, COMRADES, NYCTOPHOBIC, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, HEAMORRHAGE, ULRIKES DREAM, BBB,…..

2001: The line-up is Jan-bass and vocals, Burt-drums and Dirk-guitar and vocals. In this year, SELF MADE GOD releases the AG “Mince Core History 1989-1993” CD and the AG “Mince Core History 1985-1990” CD. Also this year, some other AG-releases saw the light of day like the AG/MITTEN SPIDER split 7”EP, with recordings from 1997 with the short existing 4-piece line-up, released in the USA. Also in July 2001, AG records 25 studiosongs for the new full AG studio album called “Superiority Overdose”.

2002: The 25-song studio album “Superiority Overdose” was released. Early 2002, AG records songs for the AG/UNHOLY GRAVE split CD. On this CD, AG plays UNHOLY GRAVE-songs and UNHOLY GRAVE plays AG songs. In July 2002, AG played at the OBSCENE EXTREME festival in Czech Republic. Not much later, drummer Burt left the band. In August 2002, AG has a new drummer called ROEL. So the line-up since August 2002 is: Roel-drums, Dirk-guitar and vocals and Jan-bass and vocals. In September 2002, AG records an acoustic session for a split 7”EP with another Belgian band called LES BAUDOUINS MORTS who play something like anarcho-folk-punk.

2003: In February 2003, AG does a new recordingsession for various split 7”EP-releases. These releases are the AG/SIVIIL IMURHA split 7”EP, AG/THE MAD THRAHERS split 7”EP and AG/BLOODRED BACTERIA split 7”EP. The same year, AG plays at the 20th birthday party of Belgian punk veterans THE DIRTY SCUMS. Later, AG does a little tour in East-Germany playing with bands like the German UNTAMED. In summer 2003, AG plays some festivals like the BRUTAL ASSAULT festival in Czech Republic and the IEPER HARDCORE festival in Belgium, together with Swiss veterans FEAR OF GOD. In autumn 2003, AG does another recording session for upcoming 7”EP’s. Also this year, the AG “Razor sharp daggers” album from 1995 was finally released on vinyl (LP-version) by the Italian label SOA Records.

2004: In early 2004, AG plays at the two-day TRAUMA-festival in Madrid, Spain together with bands such as HELLNATION, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, DISNATION, YACOPSAE,…. The new recordings of the studiosession of autumn 2003 start to see the light of day. AG releases in this year records like the AG/THE USUAL SUSPECTS split 7”EP, AG/KADAVERFICKER split 7”EP, AG/THE FAT ASS FUCKERS split 7”EP, AG/KUOLEMA split 7”EP, AG/WORLD DOWNFALL split CD,….

2005: AG is around for 20 years…. The band during this year is DIRK-guitar and voice, JAN-bass and throat and ROEL-drums. Early this year, the AG/BLOODRED BACTERIA split 7”EP was released, containing recordings from the first session of 2003. Later, the AG/DIOS HASTIO split CD was released in Peru and also the AG “Superiority Overdose” LP-version sees the light of day on the Italian label SOA RECORDS. At the end of 2005, AG is recording the full studio album “MINCER” in the Belgian SOUNDSHAPE-studios. Also in 2005, the AG “Superiority overdose” DVD gets released, containing the album release concert from 2002.

2006: Around April 2006, the studio album “MINCER” gets released on CD by the Dutch label DISPLEASED RECORDS and on LP on the German label POWER IT UP. On 1st of April 2006, AG does a big show in Geel, Belgium, to make a party for the release of this album. Also this year, AG does a mini-tour in Portugal, with the Portuguese band SIMBIOSE. In autumn, AG also plays in Nancy, France, where they record during this gig for the split CD with the French band UNTAMED. In December 2006, AG plays the last gig with the line-up of DIRK-guitar and voice, JAN-bass and throat and ROEL-drums.

2007: This year starts with a new line-up: TONY-bass, NILS-drums and voice and JAN-guitar and vocals. In January, the first recordings with the new line-up were done. Other recording sessions follow in March, May, July and August. Starting from April, AG plays gigs in Belgium, Holland, Slovakia (a mini tour), Czech Republic (PLAY FAST OR DON’T FESTIVAL), Luxembourg, Italy (a mini tour). Some records that were released in this year are the AG/BESTIAL VOMIT split 7”EP, AG/OCCULT split 7”EP, AG/DESECRATOR split 7”EP, AG/ARCHAGATUS split 7”EP, AG/GORGONIZED DORKS split 7”EP, AG/ROGER MOORE split 12”LP,…… At the end of October, AG leaves for a 6 week tour in South America, playing around 25 gigs in countries such as Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. During this tour, AG records a studio session in Lima, Peru and another one in Brazil.

2008: 2008 starts with the same line-up: TONY-bass, NILS-drums and voice and JAN-guitar and vocals. Releases such as AG/VANISHING ACT split CD, AG/INTESTINAL INFECTION split CD, AG/UNTAMED split CD, AG/REPULSIONE split EP, AG/HEAMOPHAGUS split EP and more are being released. AG has been playing gigs in Spain, Czech Republic, Sardinia, Germany, Slovenia, Holland, Switzerland, Poland,… Early August, Tony decides to leave this planet. The last recordings with Tony can be heard on the “GRIND IS PROTEST” full studio album. In September, a long time close friend of Tony and us, called Bram, joins AG on bass. In autumn 2008, AG enters the studio with Bram to record new songs. In the second part of 2008, AG does gigs in Poland, Slovenia, Belgium and Switzerland, where they record the “Reds at the mountains of death” CD.

2009: In spring 2009, AG goes on tour in Finland with veteran Finnish noise/punks KUOLEMA. More records such as AG/GENERATION SPASFON split CD, AG/VEGATIV split CD and AG “Hunt Hunters” double 7”EP are released. In September and October 2009, AG does a big tour in Mexico playing with bands such as ANARCHUS, CACAFONIA, FALLAS DEL SISTEMA, SNUFF,…. At a rock school in Mexico City, AG does recordings for the AG/SISSY SPACEK split 7”EP, which is released early 2010. End 2009, AG releases the full album “Obey their rules” on LP.

2010: AG starts writing new songs for a new full studio album which will be called “This is not a threat, it’s a promise”. AG does gigs in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium. Also this year, the studio recordings which AG made at a TV station in Brazil during their South American tour in 2007 have been released on the “Abrir las puertas” LP. At the same time, a full LP called “Matadores del libertad” is released. This LP contains recordings made on that same tour. Recorded in Peru.


The line-up has varied throughout the years:
-'80s: Jan, Ronny, Erwin on drums; later Guy; then Ronny leaves band and Jacke comes in
-'90s: Jan, Domingo Smets on guitar, Burt Beyens on drums, Frederickx on bass; then Erwin comes back; then Domingo Smets leaves band and Chriss Ons comes in; then Erwin leaves band and Dirk Vollon comes in; then Tuur comes to sing; then Steve goes on guitar, Frederickx plays bass and sings; then Steve leaves band and Matty comes in: then Dirke comes back


Agathocles VS Occult (1985)
Agathocles VS Permanent Death (1987)
Agathocles VS Riek Boois (1988)
“Cabbalic Gnosticism” (1988)
“Keep mincing” (1988)
“Live in Gierle/Keep mincing” (1988/1989)
“Theatric symbolisation of life” (1988-1991)
Agathocles VS Disgorge (1989)
“Live in Gierle, 1989” (1989)
Agathocles VS Drudge (1989)
“The LP’s: 1989-1991” (1989-1991)
Agathocles VS Lunatic Invasion (1989-1991)
Agathocles VS Violent Noise Attack (1990)
“Fascination of mutilation” (1989)
Agathocles VS Godstomper (1989)
“Live in Gierle/Keep mincing” (1988/1989)
“If this is cruel” (1989-1990)
Agathocles VS Blood (1990)
Agathocles VS Smegma (1990)
Agathocles VS Putrid Offal (1990)
Agathocles VS Morbid Organs Mutilation (1989-1990)
“Theatric symbolisation of life and live” (1990/1991)
Agathocles VS Psycho (1989-1990)
“Mince Core History 1985-1990” (1985-1990)
Agathocles VS Nasum (1990)
“Agarchy” (1991)
“Live in Leipzig, 1991” (1991)
Agathocles VS Ruido Genital (1991-2001)
“Agarchy/Use your anger” (1991-1992)
Agathocles VS Violent Headache (1992)
“Cliché ?” (1992)
“Use your anger” (1988-1992)
Agathocles VS Averno (1992-1993)
“Minced alive” (1992-1993)
Agathocles VS Kompost (1993)
“Distrust and abuse” (1993)
“No use…(hatred)” (1993)
“Black clouds determinate” (1993-1994)
Agathocles VS Nyctophobic (1993)
Agathocles VS Punisher (1993-1994)
Agathocles VS Man is the Bastard (1993)
Agathocles VS Patareni (1993)
Agathocles VS Bad Acid Trip (1993)
Agathocles VS Audiorrea (1993)
Agathocles VS Vegativ (1993)
Agathocles VS Social Genocide (1993)
Agathocles VS Smash the Brain (1993)
Agathocles VS Gorgonized Dorks (1993)
Agathocles VS Gorgonized Dorks (1993)
“Senseless trip” (1993)
“Mince Core History 1989-1993” (1989-1993)
“Mince Core History 1993-1996” (1993-1996)
“Razor sharp daggers” (1993-1995)
Agathocles VS Carcass Grinder (1994)
Agathocles VS Plastic Grave (1994)
Agathocles VS Rot (1994)
“Back to 1987” (1994)
“Mincemongers in Barna” (1994)
Agathocles VS Noisebazooka (1994)
“Razor sharp daggers” (1995)
Agathocles VS Gatt (1995)
Agathocles VS Cyanamid (1995)
Agathocles VS Unholy Grave (1996)
Agathocles VS Archagathus (1996)
Agathocles VS Autoritar (1996)
Agathocles VS Praparation H (1996)
Agathocles VS Krush (1996)
Agathocles VS Black Army Jacket (1996)
“Thanks for your hostility” (1996)
Agathocles VS Vomit Fall (1996)
“Bomb Brussels” (1996)
Agathocles VS CHC (1996)
“Thanks for your hostility” (1996)
Agathocles VS Excruciating Terror (1997)
Agathocles VS Shikabane (1997)
Agathocles VS BWF (1997)
Agathocles VS Abstain (1997)
Agathocles VS D.I.E. (1997)
Agathocles VS PP7 Gaftzeb (1997)
Agathocles VS Looking for an Answer (1997)
Agathocles VS Monolith (1997)
Agathocles VS Man is the Bastard (1997)
“Semtex 10” (1997)
“Live and noisy” (1997)
Agathocles VS Mitten Spider (1997)
“Humarrogance” (1997)
Agathocles VS Depression (1997)
“Humarrogance” (1997)
“Humarrogance/The dark ages revived” (1997)
Agathocles VS Nuclear Devastation (1997)
Agathocles VS Scrawl VS Seven Minutes of Nausea (1997)
“Until it bleeds” (1994-1997)
“Humarrogance/Live” (1992-1997)
Agathocles VS Irritate VS Nyab (1997)
Agathocles VS H 407 (1997)
Agathocles VS Axed Up Conformist (1997)
“Peel Sessions” (1997)
“Mince Core History 1996-1997” (1996-1997)
“Hunt Hunters” (1998)
Agathocles VS Bloodsuckers (1998)
“Gotcha” (1998)
Agathocles VS Depressor (1998)
Agathocles VS Venereal Disease (1998)
“Hunt Hunters” (1998)
Agathocles VS Urban Struggle (1998)
Agathocles VS Deadmocracy (1998)
Agathocles VS Stomachal Corrosion (1998)
Agathocles VS Suppository (1998)
Agathocles VS Comrades (1998)
Agathocles VS Ravage VS Comrades (1998)
“Cliché/Pressure” (1992/1998)
“Mince Core” (1989-1998)
Agathocles VS Grind Buto (1999)
Agathocles VS Din Addict (1999)
Agathocles VS Abortion (1997-1999)
Agathocles VS Embalming Theatre (1999)
Agathocles VS Disreanti (1999)
Agathocles VS Sterbehilfe (1989-1999)
Agathocles VS Worship (1999)
Agathocles VS Disculpa (1999)
Agathocles VS Unholy Grave (1999)
Agathocles VS Malignant Tumor VS Abortion VS Din Addict (1999)
Agathocles VS Painful Defloration (1997/1999)
“To serve….To protect” (1999)
“Until it bleeds again” (1994-1999)
Agathocles VS Mucus (1999)
Agathocles VS Din Addict (1999)
“To serve….To protect/Leads to…” (1999/2000)
Agathocles VS Kontatto (2000)
“Alive and mincing” (2000)
Agathocles VS Disleksick (2001)
“Superiority Overdose” (2001)
Agathocles VS Jan AG (1998/2002)
Agathocles VS Les Baudoins Morts (2002)
Agathocles VS The Gajna (1989/2002)
Agathocles VS Sakatat (2002)
Agathocles VS Brutal Market (2002)
Agathocles VS Unholy Grave (2002)
“Superiority Overdose Live 2002” (2002)
Agathocles VS Self Made God (2002)
Agatho-Grave (2002)
Agathocles VS Motherpig (2002)
Agathocles VS Jack VS Mizar (2002)
Agathocles VS Siviil Imurha (2003)
Agathocles VS The Mad Thrashers (2003)
Agathocles VS Front Beast (2003)
Agathocles VS Rot in Pieces (2003)
Agathocles VS Dios Hastio (2003)
Agathocles VS Fat Ass Fuckers (2003)
Agathocles VS The Usual Suspects (2003)
Agathocles VS Kuolema (2003)
Agathocles VS World Downfall (2003)
Agathocles VS Dios Hastio VS The Gajna (2003)
“Mincemania in Bulgaria” (1989-2003)
Agathocles VS Kadaverficker (2003)
Agathocles VS Blood Red Bacteria (2003)
Agathocles VS The Lettuce Vultures (2004)
Agathocles VS Fahrenheit AGx (1996/2005)
Agathocles VS Fahrenheit AGx (2003/2005)
“Mincer” (2005)
“Proud to be out” (2002/2006)
Agathocles VS Roger Moore (2006)
Agathocles VS Untamed (2006)
Agathocles VS Depresy Mouse (2006)
Agathocles VS Bestial Vomit (2007)
Agathocles VS Vanishing Act (2007)
Agathocles VS Torture Incident (2007)
Agathocles VS Desecrator (2007)
Agathocles VS Avulsion (2007)
Agathocles VS Haemophagus (2007)
Agathocles VS Repulsione (2007)
Agathocles VS Seven Minutes of Nausea (2007)
Agathocles VS Intestinal Infection (2007)
Agathocles VS Fucked by the State (2007)
Agathocles VS VRV (2007)
Agathocles VS Tinner (2007)
Agathocles VS Amoclen (2007)
Agathocles VS Slaughtergrave (2007)
Agathocles VS Dissected (2007)
Agathocles VS Hierarchical Punishment VS Forbidden Ideas (2007)
“Obey their rules” (2007)
Agathocles VS Armatura (2007)
Agathocles VS Simbiose (2007)
Agathocles VS Cu Sujo(2007)
“Minced in PIRACICABA, BRAZIL, 2007” (2007)
“Abrir las puertas” (2007)
Agathocles VS Crowd Control (2007)
"Matadores de la libertad" (2007)
“Live in Arica, Chile” (2007)
Agathocles VS I Hope You Suffer (2007)
Agathocles VS Grind Bashers (2007)
Agathocles VS Saul Turteltaub (2007)
“Grind is protest” (2008)
Agathocles VS Pos (2008)
“Grind is protest” (2008)
“Obey their rules” (2007/2008)
“Reds at the mountains of death” (2008)
Agathocles VS Generation Spasfon (2008)
Agathocles VS Tsubo (2009)
Agathocles VS Insomnia Isterica (2009)
Agathocles VS Sissy Spacek (2009)
Agathocles VS Black September (2009)
Agathocles VS King Terror (2009)
“Bombing the shelters of Delemont” (2010)
“This is not a threat, it’s a promise” (2010)

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