Orgin Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard
Genres Nardcore, Skate Punk
Years Active 1983-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels BYO, Mystic, High Five Records, Cleopatra Records, Lucky 13
Associated Acts Youth Brigade
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Agression was a band from Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, California. They are among the founders of the Nardcore (Oxnard, California hardcore) scene the skate punk. They wrote a song about skateboarding (Intense Energy) and included a Glen E. Friedman photo of Arthur Lake skating a pool on their first and most popular album, "Don't Be Mistaken". They wrote fast-paced, aggressive songs such as "Slammin' at the Club", "Money Machine", "Intense Energy", "Never Alone", "Go to War", and "Locals Only".


Lead vocals - Jess Leedy
Drums,vocals - Mark Aber/Rooney
Guitar - Rob Thacker
Bass - Big Bob Clark
Bass - Danny Dorman


Don't Be Mistaken (BYO 1983)
Agression Bootleg (Mystic/Bootleg 1985)
Agression (Mystic 1985)
Live Underground Railroad (Mystic 1986)
Nowhere to Run (High Five Records 1995)
Live at the Lair (High Five Records 1996)
Full Circle (Cleopatra Records 2003)
Locals Only: Live (Mystic 2005)
Grind Kings (Lucky 13)

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