Am I Dead Yet
Am I Dead Yet!
Orgin Belgium
Genres Screamo, Powerviolence
Years Active 2004-2005
Country of origin Belgium
Labels React With Protest
Associated Acts A Fine Boat That Coffin, The Mock Heroic, Utarid, Danse Macabre, Nimbus Module, Ape Must Not Kill Ape
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Am I Dead Yet! started out some where in september 2004. After some rehearsals we sent a 30 sec song to lars from React with Protest and he liked it a lot, so from that moment things went pretty fast for us. We did an European tour with the amazing guys from Utarid last summer and that was a great experience for us on so many levels. We love to play and put energy in everything we do and it's amazing all those people we met on tour, the guys from the other bands we played with, Lars from the label RWP and Hannes from Nimbus Module. Am I Dead Yet! is no more. For some guys in the band it was hard to go on due personal circumstances. We didnt want to change people in the band because it wouldn't have been the same anymore. And after some difficult weeks, it was the best to just call it quit. We want to thank all the people, bands we played and shared friendship with, friends, label, Lars and his family from React with Protest, Hannes and Nimbus Module, Marianne, Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Seb, too many names…. everyone that supported us for everything. It was fucking great. Will still be released: Danse Macabre/ Am I Dead Yet! 7" split reactwithprotest DVD. Anyway. Every end is a new beginning.. so stay tuned for new projects. Much love aidy! Thanks alot for everything. We love you all, you know who you are.




Am I Dead Yet! VS A Fine Boat That Coffin VS The Mock Heroic VS Utarid 4-Way split
Am I Dead Yet! VS Danse Macabre split

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