Amanda Woodward
Amanda Woodward
Orgin Caen
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2000 - Present
Country of origin France
Labels Destructure, Chimères, Waiting for an Angel, Purepainsugar, Code of Ethics, Stonehenge, Earthwatersky Connection, Level Plane, Paranoid
Associated Acts 1905
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Formed in 2000, Amanda Woodward is an incredibly enjoyable screamo band from Caen, France. They crank out classic, poetic, melodic and harsh tunes that will stay strong for the years to come. Screams filled with meaning topped with amazing guitarwork and driving bass 'n' drums. Technical yet tasteful and oh so entertaining, if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing them before, now's you chance to snag their discography below. The Self-Titled Collection CD contains the band's Demo Picturedisk 10", a compilation track from the Lucky Thirteen Comp. LP, & their Ultramort LP. Enjoy! It's Mad Bien! DIG!


Gerome - Voice
Antoine - Guitar
Nico - Guitar
Pierre - Bass
Antoine - Drums


Demo (2001)
Ultramort (2001)
Amanda Woodward (2002)
Pleine de Grace (2003)
Amanda Woodward VS 1905 split (2004)
La Decadence de la Decadence (2004)
Meurt La Soit/Un Peu d'Etoffe (2006)

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