Amen Ra
Amen Ra
Orgin Kortrijk
Genres sludge, down tempo, hardcore
Years Active 2003-2012
Country of origin Nederlands
Labels Neurot, Hypertension, Consouling Sounds, Init Records
Associated Acts Vuur, Gameness, Gantz, Hitch, Hive Destruction, The Blackheart Rebellion, Oathbreaker, Hessian, Kingdom, Syndrome
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It is never easy to write a press release for a band in a day and age when every output of any possible band is pushed onto people as the next big thing, revelation, comeback or simply the best thing ever. To write a press release that does not require even native speakers of English to consult a dictionary can prove to be quite the task as well. After all, the magnificence of certain bands sometimes needs the grandeur of big words. In Amenra’s case it’s extremely tempting to use every superlative in the book, but in the vein of the attitude that is pouring out of the band’s every pore, here’s to keeping it modest. Amenra have been paving their own headstrong way in the 12 years since their inception, from overlooked releases and poorly attended show to critically acclaimed albums, sold out shows and the utmost respect of their listeners, peers and even heroes. Always putting heart and soul into every note, word and image and changing the course of people’s lives everywhere their path leads them.
Recent history has shown an extremely confident and focused Amenra. Besides touring on their own and with Neurosis, the band has been branching out and taking modest steps onto –for the band– virgin territory. They have released an acoustic record, compiled a book, dare I say bible, thereby vulnerably offering their heart and inspiration to those inspired by them, took part in various art exhibitions and held the now legendary “23.10” concert which was later followed by a live DVD and a slew of split releases with audio from this concert, all the while constantly gaining followers, members of the Church Of Ra, a sect, now thousands in numbers. In the last months Amenra’s eyes have been directed straight at the future. Having found a home in the NeurotRecords nest, both ambitions and expectations for their upcoming release, “Mass V”, the band’s fifth studio album, are high. And as you know and - if you’re fortunate enough- might have experienced, Amenra does
NOT disappoint.
- vince - rise and fall


Mathieu Vandekerckhove - guitars
Colin H van Eeckhout - vocals
Bjorn Lebon - drums
Lennart Bossu - guitars
Levy Seynaeve - bass


Mass I - 2003
Amen Ra VS Vuur split (2004)
Amen Ra VS Vuur VS Gameness VS Gantz split (2004)
Prayers 9+10 (2004)
Mass II - Sermons - 2005
Mass III - 2005
Mass III DVD (2005)
Amen Ra VS Hitch split (2007)
Church of Ra (book, 2008)
Mass IIII - 2008
Church of Ra Amen Ra VS Kingdom VS Syndrome split DVD (2009)
Afterlife (2009)
Amen Ra 23.10 Live DVD (2010)
Mass V - 2012
Amen Ra VS Hive Destruction split (2012)
Amen Ra VS The Blackheart Rebellion split (2012)
Amen Ra VS Oathbreaker (2012)
Amen Ra VS Hessian split (2012)
Amen Ra Live (2012)

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