Orgin Burlington and Glassboro, Southern New Jersey, United States of America
Genres Grindcore/Death Metal/Punk
Years Active 2010 - Present
Country of origin USA
Labels RSR, Blastcat, Jerkfillet, MelodoPhobia, Piggiron Sound, Haunted Hotel.
Associated Acts Nimbus Terrifix, Triac
Official website

We don't smoke weed, we don't record on boom boxes and we don't give a shit about Sunn amps. We CAN'T help you with New Jersey shows, but CAN help you with Philadelphia shows.


Chris- Vocals
Bill- Guitar
John "Scatman" Burton- Bass
Ben- Drums


Demo CDR/Tape (MelodoPhobia/Jerkfillet)
Convulsions 7 inch (RSR)
Grinding Aftermath Digital Comp (American Aftermath/Grind To Death)
Amputee VS Nimbus Terrifix (Piggiron Sound)

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