AMVA (Alveda Music Various Albums)
Founded 2015
Founder Falcos Panagiotis
Genre All genres of electronic music
Country of origin Greece
Location Thessaloniki
Official website

Sublabel of Alveda Music, specialising on compilation albums.


AMVA (Alveda Music Various Albums) is one label consisting of the union of multiple record labels for a single huge list. Supported by Alveda Music in plan to promote the artists and create a base with many various albums.

The approach to combining everything music related in one company has attracted several top names to the label such as; Marcus From Paris, Dimitri Vero, Project 1001 and others.


  • A4400110696 - Various Artists - House Selection 2017
  • A4400110695 - Various Artists - EDM Selection 2017
  • A4400110694 - Various Artists - Deep House Selection 2017
  • A4400110581 - Various Artists - Deep & Summer 2017
  • A4400110580 - Various Artists - Miami WMC 2017

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