Andorra Atkins
Andorra Atkins, Kill Kim Novak
Orgin Soest
Genres Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Hardcore
Years Active 2003-Present
Country of origin Germany
Labels Alveran Records
Associated Acts Kosslowski
Official website

German Post-Hardcore/Screamo. That would be the drawer. But what does that mean? You could also write Expressionism, so desperate and confused sound, the lyrics, the wind here at cutting cold guitars and a rhythm section with crimson veins. Heym, Trakl and maybe would sound like they were living today, and took it to micro and guitar, the pen again to quoting lyrics that leave a loss.

Much too direct, too disgusted, too stilted … constantly want to comment on what is heard with "too much". Nevertheless, one feels touched, and not embarrassing. It may be due to the speech samples, which can incorporate the band very purposefully, strange, fröstelndes stuff that gives the lyric discomfort substance. Or on the determination of the game, the timbre of a cry, not realizing his doubts about himself and the world in alpha male roar, but in almost hysterical shrieks. No one will attack here someone hurts. Let them then even quiet sounds to it is really strong. "
by oliver Uschmann


Steven Frank a.k.a. The Tank-Guitar
Menny-Bass, Vocals
Hille-Drums, Vocals


Kopfleuchten (2003)
Kaskaden (2005)
03:05 (Alveran Records)
Augenlied (2009)

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