Orgin Tjerp, Sweden
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2005 - Present
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Blessed Hands Records
Associated Acts Taciturn
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Gustav Axelsson, Karl Nilsson and Roger Andersson originally played instrumental music in their hometown Tierp, Sweden. Jussi Haavisto and Gustav Berg joined in late 2005 as singers. During winter 2006 the demo "in passanger seats im yours to keep" was recorded at Gustav's house, and released without a label.
Late 2007 Blessed Hands records released some tracks, and Anemone wrote a piece of screamo music divided into 7 tracks.


Gustav Axelsson
Karl Nillson
Roger Andersson
Jussi Haavisto-Voice
Gustav Berg-Voice


In Passenger Seat's I'm Yours To Keep (2006)
tracks (2007, Blessed Hands Records)

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