Anti Cimex
Orgin Skovde, Goteborg, Linkoping, Malmo, Sweden
Genres D-Beat, Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk, Crossover Thrash
Years Active 1981-1993
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Distortion Records, Really Fast Records
Associated Acts Driller Killer, Wolfpack, Moment Maniacs, Shitlickers, Perukers, Moderat Likvidation, Black Uniforms, Troublemakers, Not Enough Hate, Psychotic Youth, The Great German Re-Research, Giftgasattack, Asta Kask, Brommage Dub, Cortex, Disko 3000, Lucky People Center, Ocsid, The Skull Defekts, The Stone Funkers, DNA
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Anti Cimex were a Swedish hardcore punk band, based in Skövde, Göteborg, Linköping, and Malmö, at different times, that formed in 1981. They were one of the first Scandinavian hardcore punk bands. Their second 7", Raped Ass, is considered to be a subgenre-defining D-beat record. Scene historian Peter Jandreus describes the group as the most famous Swedish punk band of the 1977-87 era. Their name is taken from the Swedish pest control company with the same name, the name of this company, in turn, comes from the Latin name of a particular type of bedbug; Cimex.


Tomas "Freke" Jonsson - Bass (81), vocals (82-93)
Cliff Lundberg - guitar (90-93)
Lefty - bass (91-93)
Charlie Claeson - drums (81-93), bass (85)
Patrik Granath - drums (85)
Bonni "Bonta" Pontén - Guitar & Vocals (81)
Sixten Andersson - bass (84-85)
Jean-Louis Huhta - percussion (84-87)
Joakim "Joker" Pettersson - guitar (81-86)
Christian "Cutting" - bass (82?)
Nils "Nillen" Andersson - vocals (81-82)
Conrad - Bass (83)(85-91)


Anarkist Attack (1982)
Raped Ass (1983)
Victims of a Bomb Raid (1984)
Criminal Trap (1986)
Absolut Country of Sweden (1990)
Scandinavian Jawbreaker (1993)
Fucked in Finland (1993)
Demos 81-85 (2007)

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