Antioch Arrow
Antioch Arrow
Orgin San Diego, California
Genres Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Years Active 1990-1993
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Gravity Records, Three One G Records
Associated Acts Evergreen, Tarot Bolero, Get Hustle, Final Conflict, Burlesque Affair, Baron Montaigne & the Chandeliers, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Grypt, the Gravedigger V, Clikatat Ikatowi.
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Antioch Arrow, from San Diego, California, was on the seminal hardcore/ indy label Gravity Records, responsible for putting San Diego on the map in the mid-90′s as one of the centers of the movement.
Antioch Arrow used the fast and chaotic framework of hardcore punk to create songs that were at times melodic and at times indiscernible, but almost always curious and played at breakneck speed. Their calling card was surely their Vocalist Aaron Montaigne. Whether dramatic and theatrical or whispered or shrieked, his obtuse, stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery & lyrics forced an audience to react.
They embarked on 3 different tours within the United States. The first was a week long tour of the West Coast in the spring of 1993. The second was a month long tour of the U.S., spanning late June to Early July 1993. The third and final tour was originally supposed to be for 6 weeks from early June to late July 1994. However, van troubles and inter-band conflict ended the tour in early July with the band canceling many shows across the Northwest. Their last show ever took place in a truck trailer in Boulder, Colorado around July 6, 1994.


Aaron Montaigne-Voice
Mac Mann
Ron Anarchy
Andy Ward
Jeff Winterberg: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric)


The Lady Is A Cat (1993)
In Love With Jetts (1994)
Gems of Masochism (1995)

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