Anton Bordman
Anton Bordman
Orgin Providence, RI
Genres Emoviolence
Years Active 2000 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Clean Plate Records, Moganono Records
Associated Acts The Schone Hubatz
Official website {$site}

Anton Bordman is a chaotic emo-violence band from Providence, RI. These guys are made up of only two members, a bassist and a drummer who also share vocal duties. This band makes so much noise for a two-piece, you won't believe your ears! Fast, complex, political and full of emotional distress, these dudes are amazing. They only released two 7" records in the short time they were around. Eat It Up Sucka's! Dig.


Where Do Dolls Originate? (Clean Plate Records)
Anton Bordman (Moganono Records)

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