Arse Moreira
Arse Moreira
Orgin Mexico City
Genres Progressive Skramz
Years Active 2008-Present
Country of origin Mexico
Labels Moment of Collapse
Associated Acts Eucalypt, Amanthea, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Dodewaard, Hiro, Resurrectionists, Loma Prieta
Official website

Genius, All-Over-The-Place, Beautifully Chaotic & Expertly Performed. All of these words can describe Mexico's ARSE MOREIRA. These dudes play an intense formula of spastic and progressive skramz! At first listen, you'll be hooked! I know I was! The interesting thing about Arse Moreira is that all of their material was released on splits and compilations. I'm pretty sure if they ever released an EP or even an LP, people's brains would explode. Small doses were probably a safer bet with all the gut-wrenching emotion and technicality these guys bring to the table. Below I posted their long-awaited Discography that was released on a limited 10" and cassette along with two other tracks from an unreleased split with Loma Prieta that don't seem to be on the discography. Give-A-Listen. They are far from a disappointment, I have no reason to lie. DIG.


Dez, Jav, Charley


Connections Arse Moreira VS Eucalypt VS Amalthea VS Orbit Cinta Benjamin VS Dodewaard VS Hiro 6-Way split (2008)
Arse Moreira VS Resurrectionists split (2010)
Arse Moreira VS Loma Prieta split (unreleased)

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