Assück was an anti-capitalist and anarchist grindcore and deathgrind band from Saint Petersburg Florida, active from 1987 to 1998. The band proved influential,[1] with their album Anticapital (1992) voted number 4 in the Terrorizer list of their top 20 US grindcore albums, who described it as a "low-calibre battery of brooding, malicious, doom-ridden grind pitched somewhere between early Napalm Death and even earlier Bolt Thrower".[3] According to journalist Greg Pratt, "Assück were an incredible band with probably metal's best drummer [Rob Proctor], although no one ever mentions his name. They combined shockingly well-written poetic and political lyrics with catchy songs, insane musicianship and a short-fast-loud brutality that no one has topped since."[5] Writing for Maximumrockandroll, Felix von Havoc describes the political punk and metal roots of this band, stating "Assuck managed to combine the anger, fury and social commentary of a punk band with the musicianship and production quality of a Death Metal band."[4]


Last known line-up

  • Steve Heritage ([[guitar]]/[[singing|vocals]])
  • Jason Crittendon (bass)
  • Rob Proctor ([[drum kit|drums]])

Former members

  • Daryl Kahan (vocals)
  • Dave "Spinach" Malinksky (vocals)
  • [[Paul Pavlovich]] (vocals)
  • Pete Jay (bass)
  • Steve Kosiba ([[bass guitar|bass]])


  • ''Necrosalvation'' EP (No System, 1989)
  • ''Born Backwards'' (demo, 1989)
  • Split 7" with [[Old Lady Drivers]] (No System, 1990)
  • ''Blindspot'' 7" EP (Schematics, 1992)
  • ''Anticapital'' (Sound Pollution, 1992)
  • ''State to State'' EP (SOA, 1993)
  • ''Anticapital/Blindspot/+3'' compilation (Sound Pollution, 1994)
  • ''[[Misery Index (album)|Misery Index]]'' (Sound Pollution, 1997)


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