Well, actually ATP may mean kinda anything from Adenosin Tri-Fosfato to Alcool Test Positivo to Angry Teenage Punx to Anarchist Teenage Punx to All Time Pogo, you name it. They formed in Summer 2012 and were called by Matteo, drummer of Rum-Ore, to open their gig at ARCI CEP with Enkymosis, Weeping Willow and Geberit. Soon after they found out that they had no drummer nor bass player, so Lorenzo also from Rum-Ore was explained the songs short before the concert and played them extremely nicely (the bass player was having another gig at that night). Before the concert they did some noisy rehearsals, playing covers from Nirvana, Green Day, Ramones and Tears for Fears, and an original song called "New Generation Punk". The concert ended up well and they are looking for some time to record their booze-fueled and smoke-trampled demo.


Drugo-guitar, voice
Biancio-guitar, voice
Botta-drums, choruses

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