Aussitôt Mort
Aussitôt Mort
Orgin Caen
Genres Post-Hardcore
Years Active 2005-Present
Country of origin France
Labels Adaggio 830, Destructure, Moment of Collapse, Music Fear Satan, Sieve and Sand records
Associated Acts Heaven In Her Arms, Balboa,
Official website

Aussitôt Mort is a 4 piece band from Caen, France.


Pierre, Marc, Antoine, Milouze, Cédric


Demo (2005)
Demo (2006, Level Plane)
Aussitot Mort VS Balboa split (2006, Forge Again)
6 songs (2006, Level Plane/Puzzle Records/Hert On Fire/Denovali/Parades Of Spectres)
Montuenga (2008, Level Plane/Oto Records/Purepainsugar)
Aussitot Mort VS Heaven In Her Arms split (2011, Denovali)
Discographie (2011, Moment of Collapse Records/Adagio830/IFB Records)
Nagykanisza (2012, Desructure)
La Ride Du Lion (Adagio830)

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