Orgin Philadelhia, Pennsylvania
Genres Screamo, Post Metal
Years Active 2001-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Word Salad Records, Forge Again Records, Level Plane Records, Magic Plane Records, Midmarch Records
Associated Acts Nitro Mega Prayer, Aussitot Mort, Rosetta, Plague Sermon
Official website

Balboa is a screamo / post-metal type band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The members met on September 11 2001 at a canceled house show. Originally part of the Set Sail Collective a DIY positive music space in West Philly, Balboa writes songs with many political leanings. They have toured the US as well as Japan multiple times. Pin-pointing a genre or reason for this band seems nothing greater than just four long time friends using Balboa as a vessel to play music and share ideas. Songs in English, French, and Spanish.


Peter Bloom – vocals
Armando Morales – bass guitar
Dave Pacifico – guitar
Drew Juergens – drums


Balboa (2003, Word Salad Records)
Balboa (2004, Forge Again Records)
Manifeste Canibale (2005, Forge Again Records)
Balboa VS Nitro Mega Prayer split (2005, Forge Again Records)
Balboa VS Aussitot Mort split (Forge Again Records)
Project Mercury Balboa VS Rosetta split (Level Plane Records)
Balboa VS Plague Sermon split (2010, Magic Bullet/Midmarch Records)

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