Baron Noir
Baron Noir
Orgin Rennes - Paris
Genres DIY Punk - emo violence
Years Active 2005-2007
Country of origin France
Associated Acts Aghast
Official website

Spring 2007
As you probably know, we played our last show ever in february 2007 (25st) at Le Jardin Moderne - Rennes.
Our last song ' Grand meeting des ratés ' has been previously recorded and was supposed to be part of a split release with AGHAST.
We are no longer a band, but some of us are now involved in new projects.
Thanks a million to all the people we met and shared great moments with, and those who offered us smiles, fun, places to play and sleep.
Debout les punks!
Couscious that music could never be enough to change anything, she, however, allows us daily to spit all we are obliged to retain. Our intimate rage brings us more fullness than all that the world tries to impose on us. Thanks to this rage our owns are distinguishable from/among others and we base on her our encounters. We bawl out in a P.A./microphone to hit those who find themselve through her and to strengthen. Because the only possible spaces of liberty are those we get/take, those we steal or those we create. It doesn't go any further. Artists can go and get stuffed.


H. LC,
Mickaël Slowdancer,
Jeff Hiphiphip,
Mik Ld Ld,
Wahiba Van De Bled,
Julien Lesur,


L'Epoque Exige Des Bons Gestionnaires (2006)
Baron Noir VS Aghast split (2007)

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