Bastard Noise
Bastard Noise
Orgin California
Genres Powerviolence, Noise
Years Active 1991 - present
Country of origin USA
Labels Various
Associated Acts The Locust, Merzbow, Hermit, Spastic Colon, Government Alpha, Hospital, Guilty Connector, Unicorn, Christian Renou, Chaos As Shelter, T.E.F., The Endless Blockade, ACTUARY, Personasnongratas, Bizarre Uproar, Amps For Christ, The Gerogerigegege, Krachgau, Pain Jerk, Capitalist Casualties, Molten Salt Breeder Reactor,
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Bastard Noise coexisted along side the power violence group Man Is The Bastard since June of 1991. When M.I.T.B. met its demise Bastard Noise gained strength from its earliest audio offerings of caveman electronics and vocals. Since then Bastard Noise has evolved into its current contemporary status. John Wiese has existed as a member of Bastard Noise from 1999 to 2004 and has contributed to evolve Bastard Noise into a predatory galactic monster, with more than 40 releases, by combining Bastard Noise's original caveman electronic roots with its new atmospheric sounds.


Present Members

  • Eric Wood - bass/vocals
  • Aimee Artz - vocals/electronics
  • Jesse Appelhans - drums

Past Members

  • Henry Barnes
  • W. T. Nelson

Past Collaborators

  • Masami Akita
  • Joel Connell
  • Keiji Haino
  • Outermost
  • Gerritt
  • Guilty Connector
  • Josh "Ovalteen" Lewis
  • Justin Pearson
  • Jay Randall
  • John Wiese
  • Koji Tano.


  • (1993) U.N.D. / Bizarre Uproar / Bastard Noise (Self-Released) 3-way split 12" LP
  • (1996) Merzbow / Bastard Noise: Voice Pie (Relapse Records) compact disc split album
  • (1996) The Gerogerigegege / Bastard Noise: compact disc split album
  • (1998) Bastard Noise / Spastic Colon: split album
  • (1998) Bastard Noise: If It Be Not True (Vermiform) compact disc album
  • (2000) Bastard Noise / Hospital: (Noisebludgeon) compact disc split album
  • (2000) Bastard Noise: Skullwave (Helicopter) compact disc album
  • (2005) Bastard Noise: The Analysis of Self-Destruction (Alien8) compact disc album
  • (2007) Bastard Noise + Antennacle: collaborative 7" (Kitty Play)
  • (2007) Bastard Noise / Amps For Christ / Unicorn / Antennacle / Sleestak / Hierophant: No Skull Left Unturned (Hear More!/200 mg) compact disc Three CD Multi-Split Album, Books and other materials
  • (2009) Bastard Noise: Our Earth's Blood IV (Cathartic Process) Five CD box-set.
  • (2009) The Bastard Noise: Atmoskull CD (Thumbprint Press)
  • (2010) The Bastard Noise/The Endless Blockade: The Red List split 12" LP (Deep Six) and compact disc split (20 Buck Spin)
  • (2010) The Bastard Noise: A Culture of Monsters Full-Sized Gatefold 12" LP (Deep Six) and Mini Baby Gatefold CD (Deep Six/Hear More!/Housepig)
  • (2011) The Bastard Noise: Skulldozer 12" LP and CD (Deep Six)
  • (2012) Bastard Noise: Galactic Sanitarium 10" LP

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