Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque
Orgin France
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2003-Present
Country of origin France
Labels Enterprises Marcel Daron, Heart On Fire, Rejuvenation, Gaelouleloulou, Forever Escaping Boredom, Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Escucha
Associated Acts Boa Narrow
Official website

Belle Epoque was a French screamo band. They did a final France tour by september 2006 and played their last show in Strasbourg, France, on the 11th September 2006. Belle Epoque disbanded on september 11th 2006 but are scheduled to release a 7” vinyl disc, with songs they have recorded but had not released.


Belle Epoque (2003, Enterprises Marcel Daron)
UK Tour (2004, Enterprises Marcel Daron)
Missing You Is Killing Me (2006)
Belle Epoque (2005, Heart on Fire/Enterprises Marcel Daron/Rejuvenation/Gaelouleloulou)
Spain Tour (2005, Enterprises Marcel Daron)
Belle Epoque (2006, Forever Escaping Boredom)
7" (2009, Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
7" (2009, Escucha)

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