Black Army Jacket
Black Army Jacket
Orgin All over NY/NJ but strong origins in Queens, NY.
Genres Hardcore, Grindcore, Punk/Thrash
Years Active 1996-1999
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Chainsaw Safety, Reservoir Records, Black Box Recordings
Associated Acts Municipal Waste, Matt Bond PA, Burnt By The Sun, Birds of Prey
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BAJ existed from early 1996 through late 1999 as an East Coast hardcore/grind/thrash band. They played shows alongside other local NYC bands like C.R., Brutal Truth and Disassociate. They also toured a few times with Noothgrush and Benumb.


Rob Lawi (vocals), Carlos Ramirez (bass/vocals), Andrew Orlando (guitar/vocals), Dave Witte (drums/vocals).

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