Black Castle
Black Castle
Orgin United States of America
Genres Experimental Hardcore
Years Active 2008- Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Gigongo Records
Associated Acts Piedmont Charisma, A Day In Black And White, Night Wounds
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Black Castle is an experimental/hardcore band consisting of two people, Camden Drash (synth/vocals) and Jonathon Hubbard (drums). The band has released Split CDs with bands such as Piedmont Charisma, A Day in Black and White and Night Wounds, as well as a LP entitled "Male Pattern Bondage".


Camden Drash-Synth, Vocals
Jonathon Hubbard-Drums


Male Pattern Bondage
Black Castle VS Piedmont Charisma split
Black Castle VS A Day In Black And White split
Black Castle VS Night Wounds split

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