Blood I Bleed
Blood I Bleed
Orgin Holland
Genres Speed, Thrash, Fast Hardcore, Grindcore
Years Active 2002 - Present
Country of origin USA
Labels Fast and Furious, Podruido, Out of Control, Roadkill, Power It Up, TVG Records, Selfmadegod,
Associated Acts My Mind's Mine, Third Degree, Under Pressure, Unholy Grave, Krush, F.U.B.A.R., Sound Like Shit, Massgrav, Lycanthropy
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Holland's Blood I Bleed started off right after My Minds Mine quit in 2002. BIB's style is full speed raging "1-2-3-go" thrash and is just a logical follow up of the later fast hardcore/grindcore assault, which MMM stood for. In 2003 their first self titled 7" EP was released and in the following years several split 7"s (Unholy Grave,Under Pressure) followed. In between those recordings, BIB did many gigs troughout Holland, Belgium, Germany and Chech Republic. In 2004 the band did their first tour through Poland with Third Degree (PL). The next year again recordings were made for split 7" EP's (F.U.B.A.R. and Krush). That summer Krush and BIB did an Eastern European tour through Germany, Poland, Chech Republic and Hungary. In 2006 a split 7" with their Japanese soulmates Sound Like Shit was recorded and will soon be released. Recently Selfmadegod Records signed the band and for a discography CD containing a big part of their vinyl releases and also including several unreleased tracks. After returning from a European tour with Drugs of Faith (US) in 2007 BIB started writing new material for the Gods out of monsters LP/CD. After recording the band does local gigs and once more visits Chech Republic, Germany and Belgium before writing new songs. In 2010 the split LP/CD with Massgrav was released and again new songs were written for another future split release with Lycantrophy (CZ).


Rosco - vocals
Shantia - guitar
Bert - bass
Henk - drums


s/t (2003, Fast and Furious)
Blood I Bleed VS Under Pressure split (2004, Podruido)
Blood I Bleed VS Unholy Grave (2004, Out of Control)
Blood I Bleed VS Krush split (2005, Roadkill, Fast and Furious)
Blood I Bleed VS F.U.B.A.R. split (2006, Power It Up)
Blood I Bleed VS Sound Like Shit (2006, Fast and Furious)
High octane thrash (2007, TVG Records)
High octane thrash (2007, Selfmadegod
Gods out of monsters (2009, Fast and Furious)
Gods out of monsters (2009, Selfmadegod
Blood I Bleed VS Massgrav split (2010, Fast and Furious)
Blood I Bleed VS Massgrav split (2010, Selfmadegod)
Blood I Bleed VS Lycanthropy split (2011, TVG, Fast and Furious)
Blood I Bleed VS Lycanthropy split (2011, Selfmadegod)

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