Book Of Dead Names
Book Of Dead Names
Orgin Minneapolis
Genres Screamo
Years Active 1999 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Blood Of The Young
Associated Acts Song Of Zarathustra, Chariots, The Crush, Infinity Dive, Cadillac Blindside, The Cardinal Sin, Remington West Fucking Triad, Jerome's Dream
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Book of Dead Names were a band formed in Minneapolis in the Spring of 1999 by Jamie Munsen and Travis Bos (Song of Zarathustra and Chariots), with an ever evolving lineup originally consisting of Andy Richardson (The Crush, Infinity Dive), Eric Newberg and James Russell (Cadillac Blindside, The Cardinal Sin)


Jamie Munsen
Travis Bos
Andy Richardson
Eric Newberg
James Russell


Book Of Dead Names VS Remington West Fucking Triad split (1999)
Book Of Dead Names VS Jerome's Dream split (1999)
The Story Unfolds (2002)

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