Breather Resist
Breather Resist, Young Widows
Orgin Louisville, Kentucky
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years Active 2002-2006
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Initial Records, Deathwish Inc., King Of The Monsters Records, Jade Tree Records, Hawthorne Saint Records, Happy Couples Never Last, Nova Recordings, Auxiliary Records
Associated Acts Suicide Note, Harkonen, Black Cross, The National Acrobat, Brain Banger, Black Cross, Black God, Trophy Wives, Pusher
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Breather Resist was an American hardcore punk band from Louisville, Kentucky.


Evan Patterson - Guitar
Nick Thieneman - Bass
Geoff Paton - Drums
Steve Sindoni - Vocals


The Second Half (Initial Records, 2003)
Only in the Morning (Deathwish Inc., 2003)
Patent Cruciform Casket (King Of The Monsters Records, 2003)
Charmer (Jade Tree Records, 2004)
Breather Resist VS Suicide Note split (Hawthorne St. Records, 2004)
Breather Resist VS Harkonen split (Happy Couples Never Last, 2004)
Split Session (Nova Recordings, 2004)
Full Of Tongues (Auxiliary Records, 2005)

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