Orgin Orange County
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Opaqus Records
Associated Acts Chest Pain, Vile Intent, Cloan, Powercup, Pizza Hi-Five, Detroit, Osk, Ahna, Satanic.Blood.Ritual, Self Inflicted, Tension, Sixbrewbantha, Bridgeburner, Violent Restitution, Obacha, Skuff, Shooting Spree, Tension
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Female fronted Powerviolence from Orange County. Formed by Lindsay in late 2011 they have two releases, there demo released in December of 2011 on CS and Red Hands released June 2012 on CS. They are also featured on To Live A Lie's Volume II LP complication. They're lyrics are about self reflection and personal hardships like most powerviolence bands. In 2012 former guitarist was kicked out of the band for inappropriate language the band did not agree with and will not be associated with.


Vocals Lindsay
Bass Blake
Guitar Shay
Drums Travis


Red Hands (2012)
Demo (2011)

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