Calling Gina Clark
Calling Gina Clark
Orgin Lübeck
Genres Hardcore, Emoviolence
Years Active 1998-2003
Country of origin Germany
Labels Compulsive Blasphemer, Crucificados pelo Sistema, Init, Monocore
Associated Acts A Fine Boat, That Coffin!, Dispensing Of False Halos
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Heavy, emotional Hardcore / Emo-Violence Band from Lübeck, Germany. Formed in 1998, disbanded in 2003. Members went on to form A fine Boat, that Coffin!


Demo (2000)
Calling Gina Clark (2002, Crucificados Pelo Sistema Records)
Break Glass In Case Of Emergency (2002, Compulsive Blasphemer Records)
Gina Clarke VS Dispensing Of False Halos split (2003)

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