Catena Collapse
Catena Collapse
Orgin Norway
Genres Emo
Years Active 2006 - Present
Country of origin Norway
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Associated Acts Sinaloa, La Quiete
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Emo old stuff.
Catena Collapse is an emo band from Norway.
The band takes a darker but at the same time more melodic approach with those new songs and the sound is somewhat reminiscent of the late 80´s/early 90´s Dischord stuff. Powerful and haunting music with the now trademarked rambled vocals. Rai Rai Rai/Outback Songs is a set of longer, moodier songs (the last one clocking in on over 10 minutes!). More desperate and more dynamic with a very strong lyrical content. Overall you get a feeling of this being a different band compared to the earlier releases, older and more pissed off. The members also plays in bands like The Birds Are Spies and Dominic. Previous releases includes an other 12" and split 7"s with Sinaloa and La Quiete.


Demo (2002)
Nesting And Hibernation (2005)
Live Instrumental (2005)
UK Tour (2005)
Catena Collapse VS Sinaloa split (2006)
Rai Rai Rai-Outback Songs (2007)

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