Caustic Christ
Caustic Christ
Orgin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Genres Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk
Years Active 2000-2009
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Havoc Records
Associated Acts Aus-Rotten, Submachine, Short Dark Strangers
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Caustic Christ was a hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were on Havoc Records.


The Oftenly Mistaken Ukla Von Upenstien - Bass
GenEric Christ - Vocals
Bill Christ - Guitar
Archie Punker - Drums


Caustic Christ 7" (Havoc Records, 2001)
Go Down Fighting, Come Up Smiling (Hardtravellin' Records, 2001)
Caustic Christ VS Intense Youth split (Behold The Youthquake Records, 2002)
Can't Relate LP (Havoc Records, 2003)
Caustic Christ VS R.A.M.B.O. split (Busted Heads Records, 2003)
Dark Thoughts (Rabid Dogs Records, 2003)
Hard Life-Under The Knife covers compilation (Moo Cow Records, 2004)
Government Job 7" (Havoc Records, 2004)
Public Service/Jodie Foster limited tour single (Havoc Records, 2005)
Revolved Back To Failure K7 (Hardtravellin' Records, 2005)
Lycanthropy LP (Havoc Records, 2006)

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