Cease Upon The Capitol
Cease Upon The Capitol
Orgin Nashville, Tennessee
Genres Skramz
Years Active 2004-2007
Country of origin United States of America
Labels I've Come For Your Children, Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records, Forever Escaping Boredom, From A Stranger's Hands Records, Snail Against Squirrel, Sons Of Vesta Records, Sonic Deadline, Impulse Records
Associated Acts Trikorona, Silbato
Official website http://www.ceaseuponthecapitol.com/

Cease Upon The Capitol were a screamo band from Nashville, Tennesse who have since broken up and formed Dolcim and Sanctions. Their sound is pretty typical of a post 2000 skramz act, as in their sound is a mixture of post-rock, punk, hardcore, screamo and thrash. They sound like a softer version of June Paik, or a darker Raein. As far as American screamo is concerned, Cease Upon The Capitol is amongst the best, in my mind. I highly recommended CUTC if you like any of the bands above, along with The Third Memory or City of Caterpillar. You can still find their records online, go buy them. Aside from their Lps and EPs, they have a demo, Splits with The Third Memory, Trikorona and Silbato, and were featured on the Emo Apocalypse and Armageddon.


Cease Upon The Capitol
Cease Upon The Capitol II
Cease Upon The Capitol VS Trikorona split
Cease Upon The Capitol VS Silbato split
The End Of History
The Single Series

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