Missing Little Daisy

Copyright Controlled formed in May 2012 with baritone player Marco Rosati, guitar players Jonathan Mennucci and Nico Coletti, and drummer Matteo Berni. Jonathan, Nico and Marco spent some time writing and rehearsing their songs, then went to Matteo to add the drum parts. They wanted to play a genre that took the heritage of '90s grunge music but would expand into more modern rock/metal territories. The result is a fuzzed-out, psyched and progressive noise rock full of odd times, dissonant chords and lots of harmonics. Such music also presents influences from '70s prog rock, drum'n'bass and speed metal. They had a date with grindcore band Rum-Ore and prog band Blemma. Copyright Controlled played a hidden show on September, 6th 2013, without Jonathan, the guitar player, who wasn't in the city at that moment. Then they played in a contest called Genetic Parade, in Pontasserchio, together with other rock and rap acts. They were out of the competition because they had signed too late, but they were able to play because Jonathan, the guitarist, happens to be the nephew of the organizer of said festival. At the moment they are recording their second album, "Forbidden". Copyright Controlled have changed name as Chains of Poets in 2014, then as Missing Little Daisy in 2015. In 2013 they recorded their first EP called "Hurt Yourself" and printed it in April 2015, holding a release party at a local club the very day after its release, together with local acts La Iena and Country Corpses.


  • Marco Rosati - baritone guitar, voice
  • Jonathan Mennucci - guitar
  • Nico Coletti - guitar
  • Matteo Berni - drums


  • Hurt Yourself (2013)
  • Forbidden (soon to be released)
  • Trees of Blood (soon to be released)


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