Orgin Nancy/Paris/Strasbourg
Genres Grindcore, Powerviolence
Years Active 2010 - Present
Country of origin France
Labels I Feel Good
Associated Acts The Afternoon Gentlemen, Lycanthropy, Blockheads, Dhibac, HerpesDeCrachatDeFillette, Whoresnation, Fatal Nunchaku, The Ocksen,
Official website

Two friends, an urge to play fast, a first record, no band name but a dog near us when we're searching it : Chiens
Very soon joined by "Das Crabe" at vocals and Antoine (ex-Blockheads, ex-Dhibac) at the 2nd guitar,
gigs began in Nancy (eastern France) and in the west of France.
CHIENS is influenced by grindcore, FastCore, Powerviolence and Crust.
A demo CD containing 11 tracks is recorded with a lousy sound in 2009, and some shows followed in Paris, Switzerland and Belgium.
End of 2009, a new screamer arrived, Jubs (ex HerpesDeCrachatDeFillette, ex Whoresnation) and a 12-inch vinyl one side was released with 15 tracks, and available on several french labels.
We made a UK tour in September 2010, with our friends from Fatal Nunchaku (Toulouse/FR). We met some killer band : The Afternoon Gentlemen (Leeds) and The Ocksen (Liverpool). Another tour with Fatal Nunchaku was made in July in Europe (Germany, Hollande, Belgium, Czech Rep) with a show at Obscene Extreme fest, and Play Fast or Don't.
Recently a 7'' split with the awesome The Afternoon Gentlemen, and a West coast France tour is planned for April.
Soon, a 7'' split with Lycanthrophy will be available a the end of this year




Chiens VS The Afternoon Gentlemen split
Chiens VS Lycanthropy split

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