Cut To Fit
Cut to Fit
Orgin Finland
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 2008 - Present
Country of origin Finland
Labels unsigned
Associated Acts Afgrund, The Arson Project, Bob Malmström, Büfo, Cannibal Accident, Casket, Damngod, Death Toll 80k, The Decapitated Midgets, Famine Year, Feastem, GAF, Hävitys, Kolmannen asteen kuulustelu, Inferia, Nistikko, Nothing More To Eat, Profane Omen, Psykoanalyysi, Rectal Machete, Runneltu, Slash Dementia, Spawn From Deceit, Tinner, Total Vomit Experience, The Undivine
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This band practically kick-started itself in the fall of 2008. We just started grinding and it instantly seemed as natural as taking the first leak in the morning, or drunk-driving. The name was stolen from a Nasum song, at first we stole their riffs too but then we kinda grew out of it. Now we steal from everyone else.

We've done a great deal of recordings for such a young and shitty band (and we apologize for that), but I think they can never catch the essence of all this noise as undisputedly as all the live shows we have played and will play in the future. Other bands play, Manowar kills. We are somewhere in between.

We see no problem in driving six-hour trips back and forth to play for a handful of people, because we do this for ourselves. We'll do it for free, if we won't get any profit out of it, fuck it, we don't care. We do everything by ourselves, because we know how to do this. We lack the self-respect and dignity all the other bands have. We'll come and play in any country and any gig we get, no matter how small trips they're always worth making.

We love what we do and we're sincere to the point of naive idealism. I know this sounds cheesy, that's what it is. We're in deep gratitude to all Finnish grindcore bands, they are truly great. Thanks for all the riffs we've stolen.


- Vocals
- Guitar
- Drums



1. Consumer-Gatherers
2. The Rape
3. Inwarmation
4. Crushing Insects pt.1
5. Addicted to War
6. Silvottu totuus
7. Youtuberculosis
8. Edustuksellinen byrokratia
9. Enemy of Any Business
10. Working Class Zero
11. Too Slow
12. Survival of the Fittest
13. Noidankehä
14. Decisions
15. Religious Leash
16. Tuli


1. Addicted to War
2. The Rape
3. Inwarmation
4. Edustuksellinen byrokratia
5. Suck on This!
6. North American Terrorist Organization


1. The Liquid Turns Into Fire
2. Helios
3. Tellus
4. We Are Slaves
5. Of Birds and Snakes
6. Above
7. Justice Is a Whore


1. How I See The World
2. Thin Air
3. Massgrinder
4. Shitface Song
5. Born to be Blind
6. Ammunition Is Cheaper Than Bread
7. Viha & Pelko
8. Omnipotent Union
9. Western Decline
10. Escravizador
12. Cockroach
13. Pro Bono
14. Babylon palaa

GRIND/11 (2010)

1. Army of Useless Youths
2. Incinerate Illuminati
3. Plastic World
4. The Silent Suffer
5. Killing People Is Illegal
6. Palavaa paskaa!
7. What You See Is Just What You're Fed
8. Keeping America Quiet
9. Fear the Earth
10. Science Failed
11. Crushing Possibility


1. Kuolinhuuto
2. Jokainen viiva on virhe
3. Kun kolmas maailma loppuu
4. Deathcore Sucks!
5. Elite Sucks!
6. Children of the Cold War
7. Hiljaisuus
8. Karman laki
9. Serpent Tongues
10. Bleed on Me
11. Chernobyl


1. Downward Spiral
2. Where the Fuck Are You?
3. Losing Streak
4. Free to Sp**k?
5. Strangled by the Red Tape
6. Lehtiroskiksesta löytyi…
6. As Sick As It May Seem
8. Meatpuppets
9. Stuck in the Past
10. Until We Invent Something More Terrifying
11. Somewhere Between Flesh and Bone
12. KELA
13. Serpent Tongues
14. Strangulation


1. We're Screwed
2. Blind
3. In The Year 2025
4. Destroy This System!
5. You Are The Cancer/Maniac Stare
6. Trust No One
7. Perfect Gray
8. Ashtray of the World
9. Strangled by the Red Tape
10. Something You Can Never Have Because There's Always Some Stupid Fuck Ready To Limit Your…
11. XIII
12. Until We Invent Something More Terrifying
13. Mantisgod

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