Orgin Quèbec City, Quèbec, Canada
Genres Grindcore, D-Beat
Years Active 1995-2000
Country of origin Canada
Labels Obnoxious Cadaver, Deliria Productions, Spineless, Slightly Fast, Yellow Dog, Doomsday Machine, Praxis, Trashart, Clean Plate, Grind It!
Associated Acts Fistfuck, Dèche-Charge, Mesrine, Undinism, Carcass Grinder, Diarrhèe Mentale, I.R.F., Saturation, Denak, Jean Seberg, Apartment 213, Suppression, Frank and the Bitches, Parade of the Lifeless, Lucifer D. Larynx, and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death, Needful Thing, The Kill
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Dahmer was a grindcore band formed in Quebec City, Canada in 1995. They composed songs about serial killers (hence their name referring to Jeffrey Dahmer), mass murderers, some not even criminal-related and mostly humorous. Though the group split up in early 2000, members are currently still involved in other grindcore bands such as Fistfuck and other sporadic live performances as well as various side projects.


Seb - Bass & Vocals
Yvan - Drums
Fred - Guitar
John - Guitar


1996: Demo 1
1996: 9 Trax 7" (Spineless records)
1996: Dahmer VS Undinism split (Obnoxious Cadaver Records)
1996: Dahmer VS Carcass Grinder VS Diarrhèe Mentale split (Deliria Productions)
1997: Marcel Petiot (Doomsday Machine Records)
1997: Dahmerized (Clean Plate Records)
1997: Dahmer VS I.R.F. split (Slightly Fast Records)
1997: Dahmer VS Saturation split (Spineless Records)
1997: Dahmer VS Denak split (Spineless Records)
1998: Dahmer VS Jean Seberg split (Praxis records)
1998: Dahmer VS Apartment 213 split (Trash Art!)
1999: Dahmer VS Suppression split (Yellow Dog Records)
2000: Dahmer VS Frank and the Bitches split (Not Cool Records)
2001: Dahmer VS Mesrine split (E.N.D. Records)
2001: Dahmer VS Parade of the Lifeless split (Mortville Records)
2001: Dahmer VS Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death VS Needful Thing VS The Kill (Dry Retch Records)
2003: The Studio Sessions - Discography Compilation (Grind It! Records)

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