Dalle Killers
Dalle Killers
Orgin Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Genres Gore, Grindcore, Punk
Years Active 2010 - Present
Country of origin Spain
Labels unsigned
Associated Acts Nikaia, Misiòn XXI
Official website http://dallekillers.wordpress.com/ http://dallekillers.bandcamp.com/

In August 2010 Tukas gets to know Berton who is starting to play drums and they start to meet every now and then to make some noise. When they have some tunes they decide to form Dalle Killers, in 2011, and get some members to complete the line-up. In the middle of 2011 they stopped for six months due to health problems. In the middle of 2012 they start rehearsing again and Loko enters the band; in May, Gerard; on June 23rd the band debuts in New hall in Santander, with Nikaia and Misiòn XXI. After having done some concerts in Santander and Palencia Tukas decides to leave the band, Gerard gets to play guitar and Loko plays bass and sings. Right before reforming the band is done recording their first demo entitled "Gore and Roll" that they will start to play live.


Loko: Bass, Voice
Gerar: Guitar, Voice
Berton: Drums


Gore and Roll (2012)

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