Orgin Providence, Rhode Island
Genres Experimental Rock / Mathcore / Post-hardcore / Noise Rock / Noisecore / Grindcore
Years Active 2001 - 2009 / 2013 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Hydra Head, Robotic Empire (Formerly)
Associated Acts As the Sun Sets, Fang Island, Snowbird, Brrrmuda, Tongue Dynasty, Kayo Dot
Official website https://www.facebook.com/daughtersmusic

Daughters are a Rhode Island-based Mathcore/Noisecore band that was founded by vocalist Alexis S.F. Marshall after the demise of his previous band, As The Sun Sets. Daughters are known for having incorporated a wide range of elements in their sound while still developing a signature sound of their own. The band, initally, started off as heavily Grindcore-influenced in their release of their 2003 day-view album, Canada Songs, which sounded like the logical evolution of the sound builded on As The Sun Sets. It featured at a math-y, quirky sound as well as the signature shrieks from ATSS, now better than ever. However, 3 years later, Daughters presented a drastic change to their sound; Hell Songs, released in august 2006, toyed heavily the grindcore influences in the band, bringing elements of Post-hardcore as well as Art Rock and Experimental Rock, however the biggest change was found in the vocal department, as the high-pitched screams were now completely gone and replaced with an odd, wailing-based vocal style (describe by the band members themselves as the "Sound of Elvis Presley being tortured"), which appeared to be heavily influenced by David Yow, vocalist from the Jesus Lizard.

3 years after the release of Hell Songs, in 2009, the band begun writing and recording new material set to be released at the end of the same year; However, during the production process and mastering of the album, the band received a sudden fallout, promptly breaking up. This situation was never officially announced, and no one outside of the band members knew about it, according to the band members themselves. The exact reasons for this have never been explicitly stated, however, notoriously, Marshall was heavily displeased with the new found sound in the band, stating that there was no point in being like other bands, and that trying to sound like other bands was "less than shit". He also stated that a few personal problems prompted him to walk away after realizing how unhappy his life was.

Despite this, Marshall and Jon Syverson, drummer of the band, reunited Daughters as a two-piece band in order to complete the mastering and production of the new album, which had already been completely recorded by then. Released in March of 2010, Daughters' Self-title proposed a huge sound expansion to the bands' already chaotic sound; The high pitched squeaky guitars were instead replaced with more low-end sound riffing, while the drumming and the bass became more groove based, stiching the songs together from the often entirely-harmony-less guitars. All of the instruments sounded louder and bigger in size than ever before, while Marshall's vocals continued the path set from Hell Songs, only this time being lower in the mix than before, which, added to the heavy use of effects, side vocals and the more chaotic riffing, added a strangely anthemic, but incredibly chaotic sound.

No touring was made to support the album, and although the remaining band members had stated that new material was in the works, the band remained quite and performing no live shows whatsoever, leading many to believe that the band had reached its conclusion.

However, in 2013, the band announced a one-off reunion show that, due to popular demand, was later extended to three shows, all in Rhode Island. Despite the "official" plans of it being only a one time reunion, the band continued to perform live shows for the rest of the year, and set several more dates for 2014. While there was no official statement regarding their reunion, a tumblr interview with Marshall revealed that the band is, in fact, back together, and they "never really broke up", but they simply needed time off because they "didn't like each other anymore".


Alexis S.F. Marshall - Vocals
Jon Syverson - Drums
Nicholas Andrew Sadler - Guitars
Samuel Moorehouse Walker - Bass


Daughters (EP) (2001)
Canada Songs (2003)
Live from CBGB's (2004)
Hell Songs (2006)
Daughters (LP) (2010)

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