Orgin Lake Elsinore, California
Genres Hardcore, Grindcore, Black Metal
Years Active 2000-2002
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Pictora Pilota, Pretty In Pink, Glory Hole, Vernon, Electric Human Project
Associated Acts Spring Break!, The Arm and Sword of A Bastard God, Find Him and Kill Him, Lord of the Bong, Zzyzx, Durga, Orphan Shit, C is for Cookie, Charismatic Dwarf.
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Deadseraphim were a hardcore band from Lake Elsinore, California. They would play Grindcore, Black Metal and Hardcore. The band's first demo sounded punk. As the band progressed, and later added a second guitarist, Deadseraphim eventually found their permanent sound. The band attempted to do a full US tour in the summer of 2002 with San Diego's Durga (members of Plot To Blow Up the Eiffel Tower) but just played some West Coast dates of that tour on their own due to a van breakdown in Arizona/New Mexico. Members of Deadseraphim went on to play in many other bands.


Danny Baker - Vocals
Brian Thomas - Drums
Ryan Jorgensen - Guitar
Matt Robison - Bass
Chris Robertson - Guitar


Demo (2000)
Deadseraphim (2001)
Deadseraphim VS Drowning In Lethe split (Pictora Pilota)
Deadseraphim VS Montcalm split (Pretty in Pink/Glory Hole/Vernon) including 25 metal covers (Pretty in Pink pre-order)
Discography (Electric Human Project)

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