Delirememami + Rebel Music Studio Rebeldia 14 09 2013

Rebeldìa is a social centre, created by some people from Pisa who occupied an abandoned color factory and manage to find strategies for a substainable living, starting from that old abandoned corner of a dying and decaying suburb of the city. Rebeldìa hosts a concert hall, a rehearsal room, it has a radio station called Radio Roarr, a skate park, a parkour spot, writers make graffiti everywhere,they also host a basketball court and they often organize dinners with local, biological, sometimes vegan food.
I knew that there was a concert, but during the day there were more activities… it all started at 9.00 A.M., but I got there at 10.30 P.M. because I had a drink with friends the night before and didn't feel like waking up. My friends at Rebeldìa were cleaning up a dirty, abandoned lawn with dangerous waste, broken bottles, glass… such lawn was also accessible to children! We picked up all the trash and threw that away, put some plants in there and a skater who lived in front of the lawn was extremely thankful to us! Too bad the proprietor of the lawn wanted to keep it dirty because he's planning to build some houses in there, so if you make it a nice spot for people to stay there and relax and meet each other (they also installed wooden benches among all the plants) people will go there and see it as a spot for socialization, and a possibility to stay in contact with Nature, hence they will be more likely to detest any endeavour of destruction of the landscape. You know how people say, "It was all dirty in here, it was dangerous, now they came and built houses"… too bad there's plenty of empty houses in the city centre, and also many homeless people!
The Police came and there were some arguments but evewything was fine and they did nothing to us.
During the afternoon and part of the evening I repaired an old drumset.
After a delicious vegan dinner, the show started.
Delirememami is a weird-named folk rock band from Pisa. May the Sky fall on my head if I will ever understand what the hell does that "Delirememami" thing means, but the people in the band seem to be nice; their music is a nice mixture of pop-rock with Spanish tango and flamenco infusions, and many Latin styles. There were also some reggae tunes. A nice trainspotting in one evening, too bad the band seemed in utter difficulty, handling such diverse musical styles and sorting out of that a unique musical vision! These guys clearly showed poor knowledge of basic reggae rhythms, and the Latin patterns sounded too tight, but the overall result was fine, the notes flowed well and the whole thing was just a message of friendship, positivity and fighting capitalism, a message which was naturally much welcomed by me! They had: an acoustic guitarist and singer, an electric guitar player, a female singer, a bass player, a drummer and a guy who played some electric horn which at times sounded like a flute, at times like an accordion.
I had an extremely nice time watching these guys play such positive music with (let's admit that) flawless technique, meeting some friends and just staying in that lovely place! It's not a trendy place, like some bars in the city centre, people go there because they choose to. In Rebeldìa, everyone knows each other and loves each other.
After the concert, there was a reggae and dancehall performance, with a DJ and a MC. That guy was white like fricking mozzarella, but he had the blackest voice I had ever heard, it was almost a baritone voice! Rebeldìa has a massive soundsystem, it's some 5 metres wide and 2 metres tall, but sometimes the guys from Tu Shung Peng reggae crew bring other amplifiers and what you get is a 3m. tall soundsystem and 5m. wide. Then the MC went to sleep, because it was late night, and another guy was spinning some reggae infused d'n'b; then he went back to the rag and started spinning some old Trojan ska from the '60s. People were dancing and having fun as well as me, and were smoking and chilling. It was fine. Whatever. I got home after a while because I was tired, los dj set rebeldes siguen en la noche.
Hasta la vista companeros.

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