Orgin Melbourne
Genres Punk/Hardcore
Years Active 1982 - 1989, 2009 - Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels Reactor Records, Cleopatra Records, Flipside Records, Sick Records, Maximum Rock'n'Roll Records
Associated Acts Gash, The Desert Rats
Official website

'Formed in Melbourne circa 1982 Depression were potentially one of the first hardcore punk bands from down-under. Incorporating influences from Discharge to Black Flag and beyond, they managed to formulate their own hard hitting in your face sound that made them incredibly popular at home and abroad'



  • Welcome to 1984 Compilation (1984)
  • Money Chain (1984)
  • S/T (1985)
  • Australia Australia (1985)
  • Split w/Gash (1986)
  • Big Brother (1986)
  • Depression / Gash Compilation (1987)
  • Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash (1987)
  • The Not So Lucky Country Compilation (1988)
  • Thrash Till Death (1988)
  • Hardcore History (82-86 demos and early cuts reissue) (1989)
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