Orgin Torino
Genres Alternative Rock
Years Active 1994 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels unsigned
Associated Acts Brahma
Official website

Desidia were born in 1994 from the ashes of BRAHMA. The training will stabilize in 1996 and is composed of TestaQuatra on vocals and harmonica, Giampiero Barbera on lead guitar and vocals, rhythm guitar Gianluca Orlando, Henry Cappello on drums, David Angeleri on bass and Tonino Pisanu on piano and keyboards. After a first demo in 1995 ("THE RAVEN") containing 8 original songs in English, in 1996, the group evokes some tracks (new arrangements and a brand) in "RIDE MY DREAM." In September 1998, the album "GOTICA E LUNATICA", with lyrics in Italian In 2001 he published "RACCONTI DEL FIORE MALATO", with the new entries Corrado Fallettis (rhythm guitar) and David Onida (drums). In parallel, the group continues the business live in Turin. Since 2002, the core of the band consists of: Testaquatra voice & harmonica, David Angeleri on bass, and Andrew Fallettis Corrado Quaglino on guitars, Fabrizio Pedico on drums. In 2007 the group made ​​his most mature work, the third album entitled "" (July 2007), which contains nine songs, which involves the collaboration of the "ex" and Giampiero Pisanu Antonino Barbera and Charles Leccioli (cello ), Daria Pisanu (violin) and Flavio Sasso (piano and Hammond).
Currently working on the release of the new album, titled "L'essenza"


Testaquatra - Voice
Davide Angeleri - Bass
Corrado Falletti - Guitar
Andrea Quaglino - Guitar
Fabrizio Pedico - Drums
Carlo Leccioli - Cello


The Raven (1995)
Ride My Dream (1995)
Gotica e Lunatica (1998)
I Racconti del Fiore Malato (2001)
L'Imperfezione (2007)

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