Devoid Of Faith
Devoid of Faith
Orgin Albany
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years Active 1992-2004
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Gloom Records, Coalition Records, Anomie Records, Bacteria Sour, Crust Records, Dysgusher Records, Double Decker Records, Hater of God Records
Associated Acts Seized, 9 Shocks of Terror, Police Line, Mainstrike
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Devoid of Faith was an American Hardcore punk band from Albany, NY, formed in 1992 out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent). Playing hardcore punk, the band shared members from Monster X, Hail Mary, Limp Wrist, John Brown's Army, and Das Oath. Devoid of Faith had several releases including a split with Voorhees. DOF were influenced by the likes of Life's Blood, Agnostic Front, Gauze, SSD, Jerrys Kids, etc. The band broke up in 1999, and they played a reunion show in 2004 at Gloomfest 2 with the original line up. The band did several small mini tours, but never made any further out West then Minnesota. Pushead released two very limited records by the band, and put them on one of his Bacteria Sour compilations.


Jim MacNaughton, Nate Wilson, Jay D, Kevin O'Sullivan


Devoid of Faith VS Seized (1993, Gloom Records)
Devoid of Faith VS 9 Shocks Terror (1997, Gloom Records)
Network Of Friends 5 Devoid of Faith VS Voorhees split (1999, Coalition Records)
Devoid of Faith VS Police Line split (1999)
Devoid of Faith VS Mainstrike split (1999)
Devoid of Faith (1995, Anomie Records)
Purpose Lost (1997, Bacteria Sour)
Slow Motion Enslavement (1997, Coalition Records)
Denial by machinery (Crust Records)
Devoid of Faith (Dysgusher Records)
Commodified People (1999, Double Decker Records)
Discography (1999, Hater of God Records)

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