Discordance Axis
Discordance Axis
Orgin East Brunnswick, New Jersey, USA
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 1992-2001
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Devour Records, Pulp Records, Hydra Head Records, HG Fact, Slap-a-Ham Records
Associated Acts Gridlink, Municipal Waste, Hayaino Daisuki, Burnt by the Sun, Hope Collapse, Human Remains, Black Army Jacket, Melt-Banana, Exit-13, East West Blast Test, Birds of Prey, Phantomsmasher, Assuck, Nasty Savage, Old Lady Drivers, Cosmic Hurse, Hellchild, Capitalist Casualties, Def Master, Plutocracy, Corrupted, 324
Official website http://www.studio-grey.com/da/

Discordance Axis was a grindcore band from East Brunswick, New Jersey.


Jon Chang – vocals
Rob Marton – guitar
Dave Witte – drums


Discordance Axis VS Cosmic Hurse split (1992, Pulp Records)
Discordance Axis VS Hellchild split (1993, HG Fact)
Discordance Axis VS Capitalist Casualties split (1994, Pulp Records)
Discordance Axis VS Def Master split (1994, HG Fact)
Ulterior (1995, Devour Records/Pulp Records)
Discordance Axis VS Melt-Banana split (1995, HG Fact)
Discordance Axis VS Plutocracy split (1995, Slap-a-Ham Records
Jouhou (1997, Hydra Head Records)
Necropolitan (1997, HG Fact)
The Inalienable Dreamless (2000, Hydra Head Records)
Discordance Axis VS Corrupted VS 324 split (2001, HG Fact)

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