Orgin Netherlands
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2001-2004
Country of origin Netherlands
Labels Init Records
Associated Acts The People Listening, Petethepiratesquid, The Third Memory, Thema Eleven, Arse Moreira, Eucalypt, Amalthea, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Hiro
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Now I introduce a band to you which is well-known in the DIY-scene - Dodewaard. This Hardcore/Screamo band comes from Gelderland (Netherlands).

In their band history they released three Splits:

- Untitled Split with "The People Listening, Wonder"
- A 4-Way Split with "Petethepiratesquid", "The Third Memory" and "Thema Eleven"
- A 6-Way Split with "Arse Moreira", "Amalthea", "Eucalypt", "Hiro" and "Orbit Cinta Benjamin"

The five-piece group also released one Demo ("Heroine Maakt Veel Goed") and two tour CD's ("God's Dead, You're Next" and "Mensen Met Een Mening").


God's Dead You're Next
Wonder Dodewaard VS The People Listening Split
Dodewaard VS Petethepiratesquid VS The Third Memory VS Thema Eleven
Dodewaard VS Arse Moreira VS Eucalypt VS Amalthea VS Orbit Cinta Benjamin VS Hiro

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