Orgin United States of America
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2008 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels React With Protest Records, Forever Escaping Boredom, Utarid Tapes, Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Arctic Radar, Communication Is Not Words, Moment Of Collapse
Associated Acts Cease Upon The Capitol, Hammers, Men As Trees, Le Prè Ou Je Suis Mort, Dying In Motion
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Cease Upon The Capitol broke up in the fall of 2007 so that their members could focus on other aspects of their lives. After a few months of not playing music, Matt (ex-cutc guitar/vocals) became bored and decided it was time to get another band going. Roy (ex-cutc), Sean, Justin, and Matt all came together to form what quickly became Dolcim. After a few songs were written it became clear that they had a good thing going. Roy had to eventually leave the band due to time constraints, but the rest of the guys carried on writing material for what was to become their first full length record, Guillotine Ride. Don't be too quick to compare them to Matt's former band. Dolcim has tried to expand their sound to become melodically, lyrically, and rhythmically much deeper than their members' previous work. Referred to as a "monolithic wall of sound", their live shows often reach extreme volumes creating a visceral aural attack with swirls of feedback, delay, and a rhythm section that hits like a freight train.


justin: drums/vocals
matt: guitar/vocals
sean: bass/vocals


I Am Casper (2008)
Guillotine Ride (2009, React With Protest/Forever Escaping Boredom/Utarid Tapes)
Dolcim VS Hammers split (2010, React With Protest)
Dolcim VS Men As Trees VS Le Prè Ou Je Suis Mort VS Dying In Motion split (Ape Must Not Kill Ape/Arctic Radar/Communication Is Not Words/Moment Of Collapse)
We Carry The Fire (2010, React With Protest)

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