Driller Killer
Driller Killer
Orgin Malmo, Sweden
Genres D-Beat
Years Active 1993-Present
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Osmose Productions
Associated Acts Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror
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Driller Killer is a Swedish D-beat band, strongly influenced by Discharge. They were formed in 1993 in Malmö and are named after the Abel Ferrara movie of the same name. They are signed to the French record label Osmose Productions and have released seven full-length albums, and a variety of split releases to date. In 2009 Johan went to play bass guitar and the first gig with this Line up was in Sardinia at Titty Twister with the Italian band Il Disagio.


Cliff Lundberg - Vocals
Christoffer Larsson - Guitar
Johan Gummesson - Bass


Brutalize (1994)
Total Fucking Hate (1995)
Fuck The World (1997)
Reality Bites (1998)
And The Winner Is… (2000)
Cold, Cheap & Disconnected (2002)
The 4Q Mangrenade (2005)
Driller Killer VS Extreme Noise Terror split (2007)

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