Orgin Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Genres Powerviolence, Crust Punk, Hardcore Punk, Grindcore
Years Active 1990-present
Country of origin USA
Labels Crust Records, Highly Collectable Records, Armageddon, Spiral Objective, Insurgence, Profane Existence Far East, Prank, MCR, Red C,
Associated Acts Nasum, The Fuzz, Lolita Black, I Destroyer, Snake Apartment, Straight to Hell, Battlesnake, Neon Bitches, She Rides, Monster X, Exploding Corpse Action, Conniption, Hail Mary, Rupture, Crossed Out, Totalitar, Unholy Grave, Look Back and Laugh, Dropdead
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Dropdead is a hardcore punk band based in Providence, Rhode Island. They exist since 1991. They talk about animal rights, pacifism, and anti-authoritarianism. The band members are supporters of the ALF. Their name is derived from the demo of the American band Siege. They influenced many hardcore and crust bands and have adhered to the DIY punk ethic throughout their extended career. The band's songs are generally short and very fast-paced, with few lasting longer than one minute. Other famous hardcore and crust bands like Nasum have covered some of their songs.


Bob Otis – vocals.
Ben Barnett – guitar.
Brian Mastrobuono – drums.
George Radford – bass.


Untitled 7" (1992, Crust Records)
Dropdead/Rupture - split 8" (1992, Highly Collectable Records)
Dropdead/Crossed Out - split 5" (1993, Co-released by 5 Labels)
Untitled LP/CD (1994, Armageddon)
Discography (of EPs) LP/CD, (1994, Armageddon)++
Hostile 7" (1996, Spiral Objective/Insurgence)
Drop on the Bootleg 3" CD (1997, Profane Existence Far East)
Untitled Album LP/CD (1998, Armageddon Label)
Dropdead/Totalitär - split 7" or CD-EP (2002, Prank)
Dropdead/Unholy Grave - split 7" (2003, MCR)
Untitled Live album (Live in Germany 1998) (2003, Red C)
Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh - split 7" (2004, Armageddon)
Converge / Dropdead - split 7" (2011, self-released)

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