Dying In Motion
Dying In Motion
Orgin Zurich, Switzerland
Genres Screamo, Hardcore
Years Active 2002-Present
Country of origin Switzerland
Labels Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Arctic Radar, Adagio830, M.O.C., Synalgie, Quiet Records, Sheep Records
Associated Acts The Rabbit Theory
Official website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dying-in-motion/194876020554554

"Dying In Motion " (DIM) is a screamo/HC band from Zurich who blow you away. In the vains of French school (think Belle Epoque, Mihai Edrisch, Daïtro and the like), they're playing a not so often heard brand of agressive, cathartic, errrm, blues. Kidding. Some call it violent emo, but that's just another not-so-close- drawer for an unclassifiable style.
the topics Hansi screams his lungs out about are mostly of instrospective nature.


Zeno D'Aulerio (drums), Hansi Hürlimann (voice), Markus Spuhler (bass), Samuel Gmuer (guitar).


The Right Not To Speak (2004, Sheep Records)
"demo 05" (2005)
Dying In Motion VS The Rabbit Theory split (2006, Quiet Records)

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