Earth Crisis
Earth Crisis
Orgin Syracuse, New York, USA
Genres Metalcore
Years Active 1989-2007
Country of origin USA
Labels Roadrunner, Victory, Century Media
Associated Acts Path of Resistance, Freya, Isolated, Fall Out Boy, Racetraitor
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Earth Crisis is an American metalcore band from Syracuse, New York, active from 1989 until 2001, reuniting in 2007. Their most recent record, Neutralize the Threat, was released in July 12, 2011 through Century Media.
Earth Crisis is known for supporting animal rights, promoting a straight edge and vegan lifestyle, and addressing further social and political issues.


Karl Buechner – vocals, bass)
Scott Crouse – guitar
Ian "Bulldog" Edwards – bass
Dennis Merrick – drums
Erick Edwards – guitar
Andy Hurley – guest tour drums
Jonathan Dennison – guest tour bass
Jimmy Chang - guest tour guitar
Chris Walker - guest tour bass


All Out War (1992, Conviction Records)
Firestorm (1993, Victory Records)
Firestorm (1995, Victory Records re-release)
All Out War (1995, Victory Records re-release)
Destroy the Machines (1995, Victory Records)
Gomorrah's Season Ends (1996, Victory Records)
Breed the Killers (1998, Roadrunner Records)
Slither (2000, Victory Records)
Last of the Sane (2001, Victory Records)
To The Death (2009, Century Media)
Forced to Kill (2009, Seventh Dagger Records)
Neutralize the Threat (2011, Century Media)[10]
Firestorm (EP) (1993, Victory Records, re-released 1995)
Forced to Kill (7") (2009, Seventh Dagger Records)

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