Electro Hippies
Electro Hippies
Orgin Upholland Saint Helen's Wigan, United Kingdom
Genres Thrashcore, Crossover Thrash, Crust Punk, Grindcore
Years Active 1985-1989
Country of origin United Kingdom
Labels Peaceville, Necrosis, Flat Earth Records, Strange Fruit Records, Earache Records
Associated Acts Carcass, Napalm Death, Jailcell Recipes
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Electro Hippies was a crust punk/thrashcore band formed in St Helens/Wigan, United Kingdom, in 1985. They stayed mainly underground but influenced many future crust, hardcore punk, and grindcore bands. The band relied heavily on low bass end sounds to create their low-fi, primitively-produced music. They also incoprorated elements of heavy metal and have been described as "proto-grindcore". The band strongly embraced the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) ethic which was very common among many early crust punk bands. The band's lyrics spoke heavily about animal rights and vegetarianism. A recurring lyrical theme on each LP targeted the McDonalds corporation, evidenced by the lyrics to "Run Ronald" and "Scum". They recorded a radio session for John Peel in 1987, released as an EP by Strange Fruit Records the same year. The Electro Hippies included Jeff Walker on guitar and vocal duties. When Walker joined Carcass full time, Simon (drums) and Andy (guitar) took over vocal duties . Eventually, the band split up in 1989, playing one last gig and releasing the show as their final album.


Jeff Walker (guitar, vocals)
Andy (guitar)
Simon (drums)


Play Loud or Not At All split VS Generic (Flat Earth Records, 1986)
The Only Good Punk… Is a Dead One (Peaceville Records, 1987)
The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit Records, 1987)
Live (Peaceville Records, 1989)
Play Fast or Die (Necrosis Records, 1989)
The Peaceville Recordings (Peaceville Records, 1989)
Mega Armageddon Death Pt. 3 split VS Napalm Death You Suffer (Earache Records, 1989)

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